Breaking news … Robert Green, one of the most decent people you could ever wish to meet, has been jailed for 12 months as a consequence of his campaign to secure justice for Hollie Greig and a proper investigation (the first) into her claims to have been sexually and violently abused by members of the Scottish establishment.

He has been jailed for a breach of the peace – handing out leaflets. Robert was not convicted by a jury, but by a single judge called Bowen who also delivered the sentence.

We must not let this drop and allow Robert to be forgotten. A terrible injustice has been done here. Robert has apparently asked that people contact this Member of Parliament at


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Robert Green’s last blog before sentence …

Compare Robert’s sentence in Scotland with this one of a man convicted of owning 50,000 images of child pornography

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  1. Nathan Watkin says

    I have been following this story for a while. I don’t think I will forget this man a year from now as the ‘authorities’ are hoping . I’m sure there are many people like myself from around the world who see what’s going on here and care enough, even though it’s in the UK . We know what’s going on and they will be held to account as they can no longer hide from us . If anything happens to Robert Green we will know , and those who put him in jail are just making it that much more worse for themselves . The WHOLE world is watching .

  2. Susan Samuel (@SueTandT) says

    A better example of the decline in the concept of justice would be difficult to find, free speech & the right of citizens to protest in order to gather support or to bring important issues into a wider public domain is irreparably damaged by such a judgement. This is an injustice that seeks to limit basic freedom and as such is important to us all.

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