Rothschild Zionist Cameron Proud of UK Role in Deadly Libyan War


Press TV

British Prime Minister has once again considered NATO-led military intervention in Libya as a success, apparently failing to notice that imposing war in the country to change the regime of Muammar Gaddafi cost thousands of lives and plunge Libya’s economy into decline.

Marking the first anniversary of anti-Gaddafi uprising, David Cameron insisted that Britain, which played a leading role in the military operation in Libya, was proud of its part in toppling the Libyan dictator and supporting the civilians.

“One year ago today, thousands of brave men and women took to the streets of Benghazi in a revolution which spread across Libya, bringing together different tribes, towns and cities to remove a brutal dictator and to return Libya to its people,” Cameron said.

He revealed that Britain would continue to support the Libyan government, to deal with “the legacy of the Gaddafi era, to entrench the rule of law, and to prepare for the country’s first elections for 40 years in June.”

Meanwhile, political observers stressed that Cameron’s “humanitarian intervention” war in Libya has only increased the humanitarian crisis in the African nation. National Transitional Council’s issued the first figures of casualties last September, revealing from the six-month conflict began in mid-February, over 30,000 people have been killed, 50,000 wounded, and some 4,000 missing.

Libyan Health Office also reported that only four months after military operation, NATO bombs killed 1,108 civilians and wounded 4,500 others. However, the death toll was just the beginning of long list of crises that have been taking place in the war-torn country. International Monetary Funding reveled that the war has shrunk the country’s economy by 60%.

Amnesty International also accused the Libyan armed groups, currently ruling much of the country, of committing extensive human rights abuses, such as war crimes, with people being illegally jailed and tortured.

Hundreds of armed militias, who participated in ousting Gaddafi, have been operating independently of the ruling NTC. They have hold thousands of suspected supporters of Gaddafi in various prisons across the country, and tortured them with impunity. In 12 cases since October, the detainees have been tortured to death, including former ambassador to France Omar Brebesh who died last month.

Critics urged Cameron to see the face of western-built democracy in Libya, that was bombed beyond the point of no return. The cities left in ruins, lawlessness, security, and massive crimes. The children left schools, as people are now living in constant fear.


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