UK Parliament’s Staff to Go On Strike


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The City of London Corporation planning and transport committee on Friday joined St Paul’s Cathedral in seeking a court injunction to evict Occupy London Stock Exchange (LSX) protesters camped outside the church.

After officials at the cathedral announced that they would seek legal action against anti-capitalist protesters camped outside the church, the Corporation of London’s planning and transport committee voted to seek a court order to remove the 200 tents pitched outside the cathedral.

The decision by the planning and transport committee followed a statement released by the protesters that called for the democratization of the corporation and an end to its “unconstitutional power and influence.” The page-long statement, which is considered the protesters’ first list of demands, furthermore, called for the “abolition of existing “secrecy practices” within the City and total and transparent reform of its institutions.”

The anti-corporatism movement was initially supported by the cathedral when its cannon, the Reverend Dr Giles Fraser, asked the police forces deployed outside the church to leave saying he “didn’t feel that it needed that sort of protection.”
Nevertheless, the dean of St Paul’s Cathedral, the Right Reverend Graeme Knowles, who was concerned over the cathedral’s income after its closure, opposed Fraser and asked protesters to leave the church as he warned of the possibility of taking legal action to evict protesters saying he would consult “lawyers and the Corporation of London” to remove the protesters.

Following calls for the eviction of the anti-capitalist protesters Fraser resigned. Nevertheless, the cathedral remained unshaken and determined to go ahead with its decision to take legal action against the LSX protesters, which it felt had “regrettably become necessary.”


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